Holy Trinity Church has one of the most active Anglican parish choirs in Auckland.

The full choir sings at special services at Christmas and Easter and at other times of the year.

    Dr  Sue Braatvedt

  If you would like to be a part of the choir, please contact Sue Braatvedt on:     

Choir Information for 2020

There will be FOUR large events and THREE smaller events for the year. The four big events require several rehearsals because the choir is featured prominently (typically performing 5 or even 6 pieces). It would be helpful if you could put ALL the dates that are of interest to you on your calendar, so that you are available for rehearsals and events when they occur. It is very difficult for everyone when there are singers missing from rehearsals. It is particularly important when rehearsing the four big events, that everyone attends the two final rehearsals.
I hope that most of you will be able to participate in the 7 events in 2020. The choir is an integral part of Holy Trinity Church and every single singer is a valued participant. Thank you!
It’s also always great to welcome new singers. If you know of anyone who is an experienced choral singer i.e. can sing in tune, and can also hold their tune when harmonising, please ask then to contact me. Thanks!
Dr. Sue Braatvedt (Choir Director)
Mobile: 027-340-2884



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