Holy Trinity


Holy Trinity Church, situated at 20 Church Street, just up a gentle rise from the waterfront of King Edward Parade, and an easy 10 minute stroll under a canopy of New Zealand’s own Christmas Trees, the Pohutukawa.

Come in to enjoy the warm beauty of this historic native-kauri timber Gothic building, intricate carving and magnificent stained glass windows.

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For over one hundred and forty years, Holy Trinity Parish has helped, supported and given faith and encouragement to ht_stained_glass1people.

We share in the history of the North Shore. Our Parish was established in 1856, and its boundaries then included all of the North Shore.

We invite you to take another look at what the Christian Church has to offer, and Holy Trinity Anglican Parish in particular, and to share our journey of faith, discovery and enjoyment. Why not come and visit us on a Sunday morning?


OUR VISION:  To be a Christ-centred community that attracts all people into a relationship with God and inspires them to serve.


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